4 Reasons Why Global DIY Summit Is Going To Be The Best Conference Of The Year

As an acclaimed leading event for retailers and manufacturers worldwide, the Global DIY Summit promises to give a window for innovations and future developments. The summit will take place in Berlin, Germany on June 8 – 9, 2017. So if you are an avid DIY home enthusiast, this could be the best conference for you.

It Provides Room for Growth

Bland and usual, you could probably imagine the same products and tools lined up in your DIY store every single year. This is where the purpose of the conference comes in. The event’s motto, “A Disruptive World – New Trends in Home Improvement” encourages change and developments in the style and approach of the retailers and manufacturers to consumers. With this in mind, we can expect new and better products on our shelves.
Better Consumer Reach and Feedback

Apparently, even the light construction industry specialized in home renovations needs a more interactive avenue for better collaboration and feedback. The Global DIY Summit aims to attack marketing strategies in this field that involves any market size. In 2016, Google has incorporated a workshop at the summit to meet this purpose. I wonder what John Gerosa would talk about in Germany.

Hear Only From The Bests

The Global DIY Summit is not only promising. It also delivers. While 2016 speakers include the top names in the industry worldwide, you can expect the same or probably more in 2017. Hear insights from the most influential people and firms in home renovation. We’ll catch knowledge from Prof. Klaus Fischer who won the Global DIY Summit Gala Award at this year’s summit. There are others more to listen to; they’re all worth our time.

Network and Knowledge

In 2016, there were approximately 800 attendees to the Global DIY Summit, and about 30 lessons discussed. We are expecting the same for the next summit. Should it meet the same count, participants are guaranteed of a reputable network and expert knowledge.

That ends my list. If you’re serious about home renovations, consider attending the Global DIY Summit next year.