About Us

logo_When people get serious about their passion for flipping houses, whether their own or others’, they need more than skills and talent. They need fresh ideas flowing.

If this love develops from watching reality TV shows renovating so-called unlivable, zombie houses into sellable properties with increased market value or a noble urgency that arises from the mistakes in your house’s architecture, aesthetics, and functionality, one thing is for sure.

You need to be in-the-know to all things construction and home renovation.

This need drove Usha Conference to go live.

As a professional in home renovation, I understand how tricks and techniques don’t come easy, and that even extensive education in this field requires some backing up.

We aim to provide omnipresence in the home renovation industry, by featuring related upcoming conferences all over the planet.

We aim to assist builders, contractors, and interested individuals to increase their network and knowledge by attending these meetings. At times, no matter how long your tenure is in this field, listening to other insights helps.
Usha Conference promotes house renovations due to our belief that people deserve a piece of heaven while we’re still alive. This Zen doesn’t need to be far from home. It should be our homes.